Wainfleet Boil Water Advisory

Municipal water and sewer services do not exist in the Township of Wainfleet. Residents rely on private water well supplies, and on-site sewage disposal (septic systems).

Niagara Region Public Health reminds residents the boil water advisory, issued on April 10, 2006, remains in effect. The initial advisory was issued after extensive consultation with a panel of national, medical and technical experts, and receiving advice from the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario.

Map of boil wter advisory

This advisory applies to all properties located in the area south of the Trans Canada Trail (former CN railway) and extending to the Lake Erie shoreline in the Township of Wainfleet.

Significant bacterial contamination exists in the groundwater source for private and communal wells in that area. Individuals drawing drinking water from a well using this groundwater source remain at a significant health risk.

Residents are strongly advised to boil water and allow it to boil for one full minute before using it. This includes water used for drinking, cleaning fruit or vegetables, making ice, juice, puddings and other mixes, brushing teeth, or any activity involving children where they may have the opportunity to drink or swallow water, such as bathing. Bottled water is recommended as an alternative.

Properties serviced by the Long Beach private water system and properly maintained drinking water systems, where regular tests confirm the water is free from contaminants, are excluded from this advisory.

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Boil Water Advisory

Water Testing

Contact Environmental Health for further information:

  • 905-688-8248 or 1-888-505-6074 ext. 7268 (during business hours)
  • 905-984-3690 (evenings and weekends)

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