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Children and Youth in Need of Income Support

Social Assistance for Youth Youth applications for Ontario Works

If you are a 16 or 17-year-old youth, you may apply for social assistance if one these special circumstances exist:

  • you are unable to reside in your parental home
  • you have no financial support available
  • you attend school full-time

As a youth receiving social assistance

  • a Parental/Assessment under 18 form is completed to determine what is best for you
  • you must live in an acceptable adult-supervised living environment
  • you are required to have a trustee which could be a relative or other responsible adult
  • your casemanager will have ongoing involvement with you to ensure you maintain regular attendance at school
  • barriers to maintaining school attendance are addressed if necessary
  • information about community resources will be provided to you by your casemanager as needed

Temporary care assistance for children

If you are looking after a child in need of financial help and you are not the child's birth or adoptive parent, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance. Eligibility is based on the income and assets of the child, not your financial circumstances.

Temporary Care Assistance will provide money to you on behalf of a child who:

  • needs financial help
  • is not your legal dependent
  • is not under Children's Aid Society care


  • must make a reasonable effort to seek support from the person who is legally responsible for the child
  • must not be receiving money from the Children's Aid Society

The child may also be eligible for some benefits such as vision care and prescription drugs.

Learn more about the Ontario Works program.

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