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Bicycle Bollards Pilot Project
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About the project

Niagara Region continually reviews existing and emerging technologies that may improve safety on our roads. Considering ways to make our cycling routes safer is one area that is a raising concern by the public.

In 2021, we looked at what other Ontario municipalities were doing to provide safe and efficient protection for cyclists. We found that bicycle bollards were a primary measure used by a number of municipalities.

As a result, the Region has started a project to determine:

  • Effectiveness of the bicycle bollards for safety
  • Product durability and installation

For the pilot program, taking into consideration issues brought forward by residents, staff identified critical locations where bicycle safety was a concern and road usage was high. The Region selected three locations for the pilot project:

  • Martindale Road (Regional Road 38) St. Catharines
  • Four Mile Creek Road (Regional Road 100) in Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • Mountain Road (Regional Road 101) in Niagara Falls

The Region is installing two different bollard products to assess each product's effectiveness. If the pilot project is a success and we expand the program, we will look at which product performed best. Both products are used by municipalities in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.

At the end of the pilot, staff will assess benefits, issues and public feedback. We will use this information for future decision making.

Project timeline

2021 - Completed

Scanned measures used for cyclist safety in other municipalities in Ontario

2022 - Completed

Received and reviewed correspondence from residents about safer active transportation and cycling infrastructure

Fall 2022
Installed bicycle bollards on Martindale Road in St. Catharines and Four Mile Creek Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a trial period (one to two months)

Spring 2023
Consider additional pilot locations on Regional roads

Assess results of the pilot and product effectiveness


Petar Vujic
Niagara Region
Road Safety and Permits Program Manager
Email Petar Vujic

Manny Rataul
Niagara Region
Road Safety Technician
Email Manny Rataul

Public Engagement

Public feedback is important to the pilot project. Anyone wishing to provide feedback is encouraged to email Niagara Region's Transportation division

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Bicycle Bollards
Bicycle bollards on the road
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