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Walking Trails in Niagara

Our region has many walking and hiking trails that offer unique features in natural settings.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Ball's Falls - Vineland
Located on Sixth Avenue, just east of Victoria Avenue (Hwy 24), is this 567 hectare historical park and conservation area. The Bruce Trail, Twenty Valley Trail and other trail systems are marked throughout the natural areas of Ball’s Falls.

Beamer Memorial - Grimsby
Beamer Memorial is located on Quarry Road just north of Ridge Road. This area features picturesque views of the Forty Mile Creek Valley, the Lake Ontario shoreline and the escarpment ridge. Marked nature trails provide access to three observation platforms, one of which is wheelchair accessible.

Chippawa Creek - near Wellandport
Entrance to this area is off Creek Road (Regional Road 45), just west of Regional Road 27. The 148-hectare conservation area offers nature trails, a lakeside recreation trail and a marshland boardwalk with wheelchair access.

Long Beach Conservation Area - Wainfleet
Located west of Hwy 3 on Long Beach Road (Regional Road 3) is Long Beach Conservation Area. This area features 915 metres of sandy beach and 56 hectares of groomed hiking trails through open areas and natural forest lands.

Louth Conservation Area - Lincoln County
Louth Conservation Area is located east of 17th Street on Staff Road. The area is located along side of Sixteen Mile Creek. This area provides access to the Bruce Trail for hiking and a magnificent view of the stream as it cascades over a 50-foot waterfall and flows over a rocky stream below the escarpment.

Morgan's Point Conservation Area - Wainfleet
This area is located on Morgan’s Point Road, just south of Lakeshore Road. Hike along the lakefront bedrock shoal outcrop, sand dunes, tall grass meadow, woodlot and open areas to appreciate nature.

Mountainview Conservation Area - Lincoln County
Located south of King Street on Mountainview Road, Mountainview Conservation Area provides another access point for the Bruce Trail. Unique views of the Iroquois plain and Lake Ontario can be seen from various look points throughout the area.

Mud Lake - Port Colborne
Mud Lake is located off of Elm Street, south of Regional Road 23, and is situated beside the old Welland Canal. This is a wetland property that has short trails that lead to observation sites where many migratory birds can be viewed.

Rockway Conservation Area, Vineland
Rockway Conservation Area is located alongside Fifteen Mile Creek. To access this area enter from Ninth Street, just south of Highway 81 (King Street). This 126-hectare area provides access to the Bruce Trail and an ideal spot for hiking, bird watching and appreciating nature.

St. John's Conservation Area - Pelham
St. John’s Conservation Area is located on Hollow Road, just north of Baron Road. Walkers will find nature trails that feature the unique Carolinian zone and a small cold water trout pond.

Stevensville Conservation Area - Fort Erie
Access this 49-hectare site on Ott Road, just north of Main Street. Stroll through this area’s
Carolinian forest, meandering Black Creek and wetland to appreciate nature.

Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area - Wainfleet
Found south of Hwy 3 on Quarrie Road is this 179-hectare property that features wetlands, woodlots and two large abandoned limestone quarries. Short trails lead to quarry sites where bass can be observed.

Woodend Conservation Area - Niagara-on-the-Lake
Woodend Conservation Area spans 45 hectares atop of the Niagara Escarpment and encompasses hiking trails marked throughout the Carolinian forest. Entrance to this area is off Taylor Road. Travel south from the Q.E.W. exit 38, Glendale Avenue/York Road, to access Taylor Road.

Woolverton Conservation Area - Grimsby
Located on Woolverton Road, south of Main Street West, is this 18-hectare area. Woolverton Conservation Area features a hardwood forest, along the Bruce Trail, that allows walkers to bird watch and appreciate nature.

Fort Erie

Friendship Trail
This is a 13.6-kilometre asphalt and paved multi-use trail that extends from Gorham Road in Ridgeway to Historic Fort Erie on Lakeshore Road at Niagara Boulevard. This includes travelling along Edgemere Road and Lakeshore Road. Eventually, this trail will be connected to the Niagara River Parkway Recreation Trail and to Port Colborne. The Friendship Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail Link.

Niagara Falls

Baden Powell Park
Formerly known as Grassybrook Park, Baden Powell Park is located on Montrose Road, south of the Welland River. This park offers a naturalized, walking area.

Chippawa Lions Park Fitness Pathway
A 2 kilometre asphalt pathway of two large loops is located south of Main Street long Oliver Street. This pathway is lit for evening walking.

E.E. Mitchelson Park
Access the park area off of Glendoone Street, just south of Huggins Street. An asphalt trail exists between the senior soccer pitch and the remaining soccer pitches. Walking loops can be followed to the west in the vicinity of St. Paul High School or to the east around Notre Dame School.

Haulage Road Trail
This 1.5-kilometre asphalt route is located on a former Haulage Road. Access the route’s northern point by travelling south-east from the Mountain Road and Dorchester Road intersection to St. Paul Avenue.

Heartland Forest
Experience the natural features and accessible trails and facilities on this unique property. The trails are open daily to the public from early morning to dusk. General admission to use the hiking trails is by donation.

John N. Allan Park
Access this walking trail off of Kalar Road, just north of McLeod Road. Walk along the asphalt pathway or take the short natural loop through the existing wooded area.

Millennium Trail
This asphalted trail extends 2 kilometres from McLeod Road at Oakwood Drive to Lundy's Lane. Notice the various trees, birds and wildlife as you walk along the trail.

Niagara Parkway - Niagara Glen to the Floral Clock
This 6-kilometre route starts at the Niagara Gorge (located on Niagara Parkway), continues along the Parkway to the Botanical Gardens and ends at the Floral Clock. Take a walk down the Gorge to extend your walk and increase your walk’s physical demand.

Niagara River Parkway Recreation Trail
This 56-kilometre trail runs parallel to the Niagara River and is a part of Trans Canada Trail Link. The trail begins at Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake and ends at Anger Street in Fort Erie. Begin your walk anywhere along this multi-use, paved trail to enjoy the natural features of Fort Erie.

NS & T Right of Way
The NS & T Right of Way (Niagara, St. Catharines & Toronto Right of Way) consists of a natural pathway from Meadowvale Drive to Drummond Road. This route passes through Meadowvale and Lind Sommerville Parks and crosses a number of streets. To complete a loop, travel south along Drummond Road, west along Morrison Street, then north along Dorchester Road.

Oakes Park Track/Fairview Cemetery
Oakes Park, located on Morrison Street just west of Stanley Avenue, offers a rubberized surface and lighting at night. Across the street, Fairview Cemetery allows you to lengthen your walk as you follow the nice walking path around its perimeter.

Shriners Woodlot/Mount Carmel Parks
Both parks a re located on Mount Carmel Boulevard, just west of Montrose Road. Through connected pathway systems both of these areas offer a quiet walk in a natural setting.


Steve Bauer Trail
This 6-kilometre multi-use trail stretches from Fonthill to Welland. Begin your walk in Fonthill at Quaker Road and Line Avenue. Follow the stone chip rail bed, roads and stone chip path through several developments and end at the Welland River.

Port Colborne

Welland Canals Parkway Trail
Follow this stone dust trail along the Welland Canal from Welland to Sugarloaf Harbour in Port Colborne. Sections running from Port Colborne to Fort Erie are under construction.

St. Catharines

Bruce Trail
The Bruce Trail is a continuous footpath that follows the Niagara Escarpment from Queenston to Tobermory. A 20-kilometre section with associated side trails winds through St. Catharines. Points of interest along the route include Short Hills Provincial Park, Morningstar Mill, Brock University and all of the historical Welland Canals.

Burgoyne Woods
Located in south St. Catharines on Edgedale Road, east of Glenridge Avenue, this 49-hectare park is a nature lover's retreat. It features a front loop that is paved and wheelchair accessible. The back loop is surfaced intermittently with tar, wood chips, and exposed earth.

Green Ribbon Trail
Located on Old Martindale Road, this 529-metre path is bounded by Martindale Road and Third Street Louth. Stations found along the path indicate particular aspects of the wetland. Stations include information about plants, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. This trail is a class one wetland and is dedicated to missing children.

Harbour Walkway
Found in Port Dalhousie, this 3-kilometre trail is comprised of a combination of stone dust, concrete, and boardwalk. This trail extends from the base of the pier at Lakeside Park through the park to the commercial core area. The walkway passes through Lockhart Point and ends at the Locktender's Shanty.

Merritt Trail
The Merritt Trail is an 11-kilometre stonedust and packed earthen surface, multi-use trail. Begin your walk at Martindale Road and Lakeshore in west St. Catharines and continue to Bradley Street and Townline Road in south St. Catharines. Extend your walking distance to 45 kilometres by linking to the Bruce Trail, Participark Trail, Green Ribbon and Waterfront trails.

Participark Trail
This 2-kilometre stone dust path winds through St. Catharines along the west bank of Twelve Mile Creek valley between St. Paul Crescent and Glendale Avenue. A loop can be made along the eastern bank of the creek, along a rougher natural terrain path. Wheelchair access is available at all access points.

St. Catharines Trail Map
Begin your walk in Port Weller and connect to all of the St. Catharines Trails system. A loop opportunity can be created using the abandoned rail line west of Bunting Road.

Terry Fox Trail
The Terry Fox Trail is a 1.5-kilometre path in central St. Catharines that extends from Carlton Street to Geneva Street. Visit the six exercise stations to intensify your walk. Exercises with instructions are included at each station.

Walker's Creek Trail
A stonedust path begins on Linwell Road and follows the meandering waters of Walker's Creek to Cindy Drive.

Waterfront Trail
The Waterfront Trail is a 325-kilometre trail that winds along the Lake Ontario shoreline from Trenton to Niagara-on-the-Lake. In the Niagara Region, start your walk at Third Street Louth and Main Street in Port Dalhousie. Make your way towards Lakeshore Road and Read Road to experience a rich variety of natural settings.


Talbot Trail
The trail extends nearly 200 kilometres from Windsor to Fort Erie with sections following Highway 3 through Wainfleet and Port Colborne. Hikers will enjoy the natural and scenic attractions of the Carolinian forests.


Merritt Island
This 4.2-kilometre multi-use trail begins at a parking lot just north of the Welland Water Treatment Plant and runs north between the old canal and the Welland River. A paved path, with a small section of stone chip trail, runs beside the Welland River.

Stop 19 Trail
Begin your walk north of Thorold Road West and continue along the Welland River to Quaker Road. Here, the trail joins to the Steve Bauer trail. This 4.4-kilometre trail is mainly stone dust and is accessible by wheelchairs and strollers.

Welland Canals Parkway Trail
This is a multi-use, asphalt trail that will stretch from Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines to Clarence Street, Port Colborne. To date, a 10-kilometre section from Lakeshore Road to the flight locks in Thorold is complete. As well, a rougher East Side Trail along a portion of the canal is planned.

Unique Combination of Trails

Greater Niagara Circle Route
This 100-kilometre trail system unites several different paved paths. Portions of the trail are already complete and the remainder will be constructed over the next few years. Trails of the Greater Niagara Circle Route include: Welland Canals Trail, Friendship Trail, Niagara River Parkway Recreation Trail and the Waterfront Trail.

Short Hills Provincial Park
This 688-hectare natural environment features six established trails designated as either shared use hiking/cycling/horseback riding or as hiking only. Three different access points to the park can be found on Roland Road in Pelham, Wiley Road in Thorold or Pelham Road in St. Catharines.

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