Niagara Regional Council Meeting - Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Quorum at Committee Meetings

WHEREAS Regional Council eliminated the provision to declare a quorum on October 27, 2011, amending Niagara Region's Procedural By-law to require a quorum at all Committee meetings, through the inclusion of Section 22.9 on December 8, 2011:

22.9 The quorum of all Committees, except for Committee of the Whole and shall be a majority of its members.

WHEREAS the Regional Clerk has been requested to examine the quorum requirements contained in the Procedural By-law and would recommend that the municipal best practices of having a quorum consisting of a majority of the members of a Committee at all Committee meetings be maintained;

WHEREAS it has been suggested that in order to maintain quorum at all Committee meetings, the Terms of Reference of all Committees contain a clause that would deem a Committee member resigned from the Committee if they miss three consecutive meetings; and

WHEREAS it would be prudent prior to implementing such clause that it be determined whether there is an underlying reason(s) (time or day of meetings) for their inability to attend Committee meetings and to provide Committee members with the opportunity to resign from the Committee if their inability to attend meetings will continue to hinder the Committee in achieving quorum;


That the Terms of Reference for all Committees BE REVISED to include the following clause:

Members, who miss three unauthorized consecutive meetings, shall be deemed to have resigned from the Committee and will be notified of this in writing by the Committee Chair.


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