Water Technology - Niagara Children's Virtual Water Festival

Water Technology Activities

Water technology is constantly advancing. Learn about bottled water vs. tap water with your own taste test, see how wastewater travels and how water towers actually work.

Activity 1: Tap Into It

Tap water or bottled water? This is sometimes a hotly debated topic, but what's the difference between the two?

Video: Bottlegate (26:43)
Check out the Water Brothers video "Bottle Gate" to learn about bottled water compared to municipal tap water.

Activity: Taste Test
Conduct a taste test at home. First, chill water from a plastic water bottle and some tap water in separate containers or jugs. Pour a small cup of each water (you need to remember which cup has tap and which has bottled water in it).

Without telling them which is tap and which is bottled, have members of your household taste the water. Can they tell a difference? Ask them which one they prefer. Do they choose tap water or bottled water?

Activity: Advocate for Tap Water
Do you have a refill station at your school?
Write a letter to your school board or municipality to make the case for more refill stations in your community.

Activity 2: To and Fro with H20

You may have seen many water towers as you drive through cities and towns. They're a pretty common sight, but what are water towers actually for and how do they work?

Video: How Water Towers Work (10:59)
Watch the video to learn how water towers actually work.

Fun Fact
St. Catharines doesn't need water towers because it uses the natural gravity from the Niagara Escarpment to create water pressure. There's a large underground water reservoir at the top of the escarpment and the natural gravity as it travels down to the city creates much of the needed water pressure!

Video: Stranger Things (2:19)
Many water towers look similar, but did you know they can be made in a variety of designs, or painted in interesting ways? Check out these unusual water towers.

Activity: Design a Water Tower
Now that you know about water towers, and that they can be unique designs, draw your own design of a water tower. If you're feeling crafty, build your own water tower model. Look at some models made by students.

Activity 3: Go with the Flow

Ever wonder how water gets to your tap? Where does water go when you flush the toilet?

Activity: Follow the H20
Follow the H2O through the maze to learn how water gets from the lake, to your home, and back out into the environment. Download the maze.

Activity: Water Treatment Process
Did you know that all the water we have is all the water we have ever had and all the water we will ever have?!

The water you're drinking today is as old as the Earth! Learn how Niagara Region treats water at the water and wastewater treatment plants.

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