Water Science - Niagara Children's Virtual Water Festival

Water Science

Science is cool! Learn about the energy created from water, and the incredible journey that water takes through the water cycle.

Activity 1: The Power of Water

Learn how water produces electricity and why it's such a great source of power.

Video: Hydroelectricity - Falling for the Power of Water (1:13)
Watch the video to learn about hydroelectricity.

Activity: Water Turbine Model
Try this activity to make your own model of a water turbine.

Activity 2: Great Lakes

Niagara is sandwiched between Lake Ontario in the north and Lake Erie in the south.

Video: Five Great Lakes (2:28)
Watch the video to learn the names and key features of the five Great Lakes with a catchy song.

Activity: Virtual Tour
Take a virtual tour of Lake Erie to understand why the Great Lakes ecosystems are so important.

Activity 3: Incredible Journey

The Earth has been recycling water for over four billion years. The world's water moves between lakes, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere and the land in an ongoing cycle called the water cycle.

Video: Water Cycle Dance (3:16)
Water is not created or destroyed - it just changes from one form to another. Learn about the water cycle and get moving with this GoNoodle dance. Can you learn all the dance moves?

Activity: Incredible Journey Bracelet
If you have some craft materials around the house, try making a water cycle bracelet where each bead represents part of the water cycle. Add the beads in the following order.

  1. White bead for the clouds
  2. Light blue bead for precipitation
  3. Brown bead for soil or ground where water is absorbed and filtered down to the ground water below
  4. Dark blue bead for the rivers, lakes and oceans where water is collected
  5. Green bead for the trees, plants and grass where water is absorbed
  6. Yellow bead for the sun and evaporation. The sun heats water back up, whether in our lakes, rivers, oceans or puddles and the water evaporates.
  7. Clear bead for water as a gas vapour that goes back into the atmosphere
  8. White bead back to the clouds where the cycle begins again
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