Water Protection - Niagara Children's Virtual Water Festival

Protect the Water

Water is a precious resource that needs to be protected. Learn how you can help conserve water and keep it clean.

Activity 1: Agent H20

Your toilet is not a trash can!

Video: I Don't Flush (1:21)
Watch the video to learn how not flushing the wrong things down the toilet can protect our water.

Activity: I Don’t Flush
Find five things in your home that are part of the "do not flush" list.

Activity 2: Alien Invasion

Invasive species are animals and plants that have been moved from their regular habitat into a new one where they have caused problems for the species native to that environment. There's invasive species that can affect our water.

Video: The Threat of Invasive Species (0:31)
Watch the video to learn about invasive species.

Activity: Let’s Go Fishing
To learn more about invasive water species in Ontario, play "Let’s Go Fishing”.

Activity 3: Yellow Fish Road

Many things that can be washed away when it rains can end up in our water through the storm drains. This can include litter, soap from washing cars, or pesticides used on plants and lawns.

Video: Yellow Fish Road Introduction (2:39)
Watch the video and learn how you can protect our water and prevent the wrong things from going into our waterways.

Activity: Yellow Fish Walk
Go for a walk and find the storm drains near your home. How many storm drains do you have on your block? Do any of them have a yellow fish?

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