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Green Bin, Yard Waste
Place in the Green Bin. This material can also be placed at the curb in paper bags, compostable plastic bags or a rigid, reusable container clearly marked "organics".
Large Item Pick-up
To dispose of damaged plastic backyard Composters, visit a container distribution centre with your broken container and receive a broken container sticker. Place the broken container sticker on your composter and place it at the curb on your regular collection day. The Composter must be empty. If you do not have a broken container sticker, schedule a large item pick-up. Pick-ups must be booked at least 2 days before your regular collection day.
Instant Coffee Disc
Place in the garbage. Instant coffee discs are not recyclable as they are comprised of a multi-layer composition of aluminum, foil and various plastics. Instant coffee discs are too small to be captured in the recycling process.
Paper Bags (Cellulose Lined)
Green Bin
Place in the Green Bin. Cellulose lined paper bags contain a clear lining that resembles plastic but is actually made from the plant-based material cellulose, which is compostable.

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