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Managing Recyclables on Windy Days

On windy days, litter and debris can be an issue when items are blown from curbside recycling boxes. Niagara Region encourages everyone to practise the following tips to reduce or eliminate wind-blown litter that may come from your curbside recycling boxes.

  • Stack your heavier recyclables on top of lighter materials inside your recycling boxes
  • Place your recycling out on the morning of collection, rather than the evening before
  • Flatten boxboard and stuff it all together into one cardboard box before placement in your Grey Box
  • Don’t overfill your recycling boxes
  • Consider using an alternate container with handles and a lid that is clearly marked 'Recycling'
  • Consider purchasing a recycling box with a compatible lid. Recycling box lids or covers can be purchased at many department stores, such as Canadian Tire and Home Depot for a minimal cost.
  • Remember that there are no limits to the quantity of recyclables that you can place at the curb. Consider holding on to your recyclables for set out the following week when conditions are more favourable and not as windy.
  • Don't place recycling containers on top of, in front of, or behind snowbanks. Instead, shovel out a space for your recycling material at the curb.
  • Write your address on your recycling boxes with a permanent marker to identify that they belong to your house. This will help with any windy day mix-ups with your neighbours.
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