Application for Garbage Container Limit Exemption for Group Homes

This application is for group homes, homes for adults with disabilities and homes for assisted living either in a single family home or in an apartment building with six units or less and currently receiving curbside collection provided by Niagara Region.

The home must be operating under provincial funding or otherwise must provide documentation to prove that a group home is operating out of the property address specified in order to qualify to set out one garbage container (bag/can) in addition to the one container (bag/can) weekly limit.

* = Required

Location Information

Contact Information

Administrative Information

* Is the group home funded by the Province?

If the group home provider is private (not provincially funded), provide other documentation on Agency Letterhead such as a municipal registration number, which proves that a group home is operating out of the address provided.

Additional exemptions for medical needs are required

If additional medical exemptions are required, document on agency letterhead, the number of individuals and the number of extra tags required up to a limit of two tags per person. The letter should be signed by the Agency Administrator and uploaded below.

If your application is approved, you will be issued special tags to affix to your extra cans/bags of garbage.

Would like to pick up your tags, or mailed to you?

Terms and Conditions

Collection of Personal Information

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