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Rethink Your Waste At Your Workplace

Businesses wishing to participate in the program must meet the minimum requirements listed below in order to achieve bronze, silver or gold status.

Niagara Region will reserve the right to award a business a higher award level at their discretion should they implement significant sustainable practices not outlined below.

Should an organization be unable to implement one of the required items in the pledge list, they may substitute with an equally green initiative to achieve the desired level of recognition as approved by Niagara Region.

Bronze Certificate

Committed to promoting waste reduction


  • Implement a Recycling Cart/Box program for your business
  • Join a Green Bin/Cart program for the diversion of food and organic waste
  • Donate or recycle outdated electronics at a certified drop off location
  • Set printer default settings to double sided printing
  • Provide waste stations where garbage, recycling and organics are paired with posters and signs at key locations throughout the establishment
  • Print only necessary documents
  • Send memos, notices, schedules, quotes and invoices electronically
  • Include a tag on emails not to print emails or attachments
  • Use washable cutlery and plates
  • Show more objectives

Silver Certificate

Committed to promoting waste reduction and measuring the improvements of our activities


  • Includes all bronze achievements
  • Conduct a waste audit to determine areas for improvement
  • Identify key waste-generating areas and set up recycling stations at each of them (such as kitchen, photocopy room)
  • Implement a policy for new employees to introduce them to the waste and recycling programs as part of their orientation
  • Implement a documented policy of not purchasing products that are disposable and over packaged
  • Encourage 'waste free lunch' days for staff members
  • Invite Niagara Region's waste management team to your establishment for a presentation on how to properly recycle and compost materials so that as much waste as possible is diverted
  • Use cloth towels, hand dryers or cloth roll dispensers in washrooms. Alternatively, ensure that all paper towel waste is fully composted through the Green Cart/Box program
  • Show more objectives

Gold Certificate

Committed to promoting waste reduction, measuring the improvements of our activities and planning for continual improvements


  • Includes all bronze and silver achievements
  • Create five or 10-year ambitious sustainability vision, goals and targets of success
  • Create a 'Green Team' or Sustainability Committee that regularly meets and identifies ways to further reduce waste
  • Engage employees at all levels in greening the workplace, their homes and communities
  • Embed your green goals into your products and services - help your customers "go green"
  • Engage suppliers and business customers in collaborative projects to help achieve your mutual green goals
  • Develop a sustainable purchasing guide
  • Start a battery collection program
  • Use biodegradable cleansers and eliminate toxic substances
  • Show more objectives

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