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Temporary Waste Collection Changes due to COVID-19

Niagara Region is making some temporary changes to waste collection, as a result of COVID-19 and to assist in stopping the spread of infection.

Curbside collection

Bag garbage material before placing at the curb

Garbage shouldn't be loose in garbage containers and should be bagged. Several smaller kitchen sized garbage bags may be used and placed inside a garbage container for placement at the curb.


The preferred methods of payment at all of our landfills are debit and credit, using the tap option.

There is a limit on the number of people allowed on the drop-off pad at one time to ensure we comply with physical distancing, so there may be delays at the site.

If your visit to the drop-off depot can wait, we recommend postponing until a later date.

To ensure the safety of others, if you are currently practising self-isolation or have any flu-like symptoms, you are not permitted to enter any landfill site.

Residential Drop-off Depots

No recycling at Walker Environmental Drop-off Depot

Until further notice, Walker Environmental Drop-off Depot is no longer accepting drop-off for recycling. All items (except for scrap metal) will be placed in open garbage containers.

These items are still being accepted in large open recycling containers for drop-off at the following locations:

Niagara Road 12 Reusable Goods Depot closed

Grimsby Benevolent Fund Reusable Goods Depot at Niagara Road 12 is closed.

Residents are asked to hold onto reusable goods for donation or look for other donation bins in your community.


Effective immediately, textiles are no longer being accepted at Residential Drop-off Depots for donation or recycling, as the donation bins are no longer being serviced by the contractor.

Residents are asked to hold onto clothing donations during this temporary suspension.

Naturalization Sites

Leash-free dog park closure

Until further notice, all Regional leash-free dog parks are closed.

Glenridge Naturalization Site restrictions

The site will remains open for trail use only.

Residents are asked to:

  • Practise physical distancing
  • Keep your distance from all on-site structures and educational displays.

Recycling Centre

Until further notice, resident won't be able to purchase recycling containers or bring in-office paper to have shredded at the offices located at 4935 Kent Ave.

The drop-off depot at 5030 Montrose Rd. remains open.

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