Transfers to Other Transit Services

Did you know that paying the Regional fare allows you to transfer from an eligible local bus to a Regional bus, and then to another eligible local bus in your destination city?

As an example, a rider can board a local bus in Niagara Falls, transfer to a Niagara Region Transit bus to get to St. Catharines, and then transfer to a St. Catharines Transit bus to complete their journey -- and all for just the one Regional fare.

This makes the Regional monthly pass an excellent value as it eliminates the need to purchase passes from more than one transit agency.

Regardless of whether you are boarding a local bus or a Regional bus first, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Board the bus, pay the Regional fare and ask the driver for a transfer
  2. Take your transfer ticket from the farebox and enjoy the ride
  3. When boarding the next bus, show your transfer ticket to the driver. If you are making a second transfer, keep your ticket, otherwise dispose of it in the garbage provided at the front of the bus.

Exception: if you have a Niagara Region Transit monthly pass, or a U-Pass from Brock University or Niagara College, you don't need to ask for a transfer. These passes cover an unlimited number of trips within a specific time period.

Eligible Transit Systems

Transfers can be used on any bus for:

Transfers cannot be used on these bus systems:

WEGO Transfers

Transfers to WEGO buses can be used on both Red and Blue Lines..

WEGO Line Fare Paid with Cash 10-RideCard Monthly Pass
Red Line Yes Yes Yes
Blue Line Yes Yes Yes
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