Travelling with Niagara Specialized Transit

Prior to Trip

On the day of their ride, customers are required to:

  • Make a note of their confirmed pick-up time
  • Be available at least 15 minutes before pick-up at a designated accessible location
  • Notify us of any changes to their address, telephone number, emergency contact person, or the size or type of the mobility aid (wheelchair, scooter or walker)

Pick-up Time

Vehicles will only wait 5 minutes for rider. There are many pick-ups and drop-offs during the day, and if the vehicle is kept waiting, everyone else will be late for their appointments.

Customers who are not available at the confirmed time and place will charged for the missed trip.

We cannot guarantee that another trip (for an additional fare) can be booked on the same day.

While in the Vehicle

When travelling, riders must:

  • Wear their seatbelts unless medically excused
  • Only bring items that they can control while being transported on the vehicle and if the rider is in a wheelchair or scooter, the items shall not interfere with the securing of these mobility aids
  • Not bring any hazardous items
  • Ensure containers of alcohol are sealed
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Carry sufficient medication or supplies in case of a delay
  • Refrain from giving gifts or gratuities to the drivers

Drivers may assist you with any items you bring, but they are not required to do so.

Shared Ride Service

We offer a "shared ride service" to lower the operating cost of the service.

A shared ride means:

  • Other riders may be on board during the trip
  • The travel route may be altered to accommodate other riders
  • The vehicle may stop and pick-up other riders as it travels to your destination.

Niagara Specialized Transit cannot always accommodate a rider's personal vehicle preference.

Accessible Locations

Riders must be at a location that is accessible for pick-up.

An accessible building entrance / egress door is defined as a door for the pick-up or drop-off of people that does not have:

  • Any steps, when a rider uses a motorized wheelchair or scooter
  • More than 2 steps, when a rider uses a manual wheelchair
  • More than 5 steps, when a rider is ambulatory
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