Social Service Programs in the Community

Discretionary Health Benefits

If you are an Ontario Works or Ontario Disability client in Niagara, you may be eligible for additional benefits, including health, housing stability and Niagara Kids Benefit. Learn about benefits for Ontario Works and Ontario Disability recipients.

Dental and dentures

Niagara Region Discretionary Health Benefits program provides financial assistance for emergency dental services and dentures.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance is available to you if you are not in receipt of social assistance to help you address issues that are detrimental to your health and well-being or to that of a member of your family. Emergency assistance allows for immediate financial help in a crisis or emergency.

Hostels and Homelessness Prevention

A list of local housing programs and services, including shelters, addictions, emergency food, basic needs, utilities, medical, crisis situations, transportation, education and employment referrals.

Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) Program

The LEAP program helps young parents:

  • Complete their high school education, taking into account individual needs and obstacles to school attendance an academic success
  • Develop parenting skills that promote health child development
  • Access a range of employment related supports to assist them in obtaining sustainable employment and achieving financial independence

Niagara Prosperity Initiative

The Niagara Prosperity Initiative supports poverty reduction and prevention activities, including:

  • Guiding and directing investments on identified initiatives to alleviate poverty in neighbourhoods across Niagara
  • Advocating for change that will reduce and prevent poverty in the community
  • Developing and enhancing collaborative relationships between stakeholders
  • Engaging people living in poverty in meaningful ways to ensure that investments reflect need

Subsidized Funeral and Burial Services

Niagara Region provides financial assistance for costs related to a funeral and cremation or burial. An application to determine eligibility must be processed by Niagara Region before funeral arrangements are finalized.

Support for Immigrants to Niagara

We have a team of Ontario Works casemanagers and support staff dedicated to working with new immigrants to Niagara. These staff members have expertise in local resources to support the needs of newcomers.

We work in partnership with community organizations to provide support for immigrants to Niagara with income, education, employment and housing programs and services.

Temporary Care Assistance

Temporary Care Assistance can help if you are looking after a child in financial need and you are not the child's birth or adoptive parent.

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