Housing and Homelessness Action Plan Goals and Background

Affordable housing is an important part of a healthy and strong community.

To address Niagara's housing and homelessness challenges, we have developed a 10-year housing and homelessness action plan in consultation with residents, service providers and other stakeholders.

Action Plan Goals

The plan's goal is to ensure everyone in Niagara has an adequate, suitable and affordable place to live.

The action plan:

  • Identifies current and future housing needs
  • Sets out objectives and goals relating to housing needs
  • Proposes actions to meet the goals
  • Establishes a process to measure and report progress towards meeting the goals

The plan includes priorities and outlines strategies to improve access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing for families and individuals.

The action plan addresses every aspect of housing from homelessness to affordable homeownership.

The plan also serves as an important tool to help us prepare for future government funding and partnership opportunities.

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