Areas of Focus

General themes to guide your thoughts on the future of Niagara

What We've Heard

Results from previous surveys, featured comments from residents

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Areas of Focus

Infrastructure and Services

Transportation, roads and bridges, waste, water, senior services, child and family services, housing and homelessness


Environmental protection, driving sustainable development

Governance and Advocacy

Proactive leadership, fiscal responsibility, open government, advocacy for Niagara

Economy and Growth

Fostering an environment for jobs and prosperity, development supports

Health and Wellness

Public health services, bike lanes and pathways, ambulances and emergency services

Quality of Life

Safety, community planning, walkability, engagement, newcomer supports

This Week's Featured Responses from Residents


Limiting development, especially in rural areas. Preserving habitat for wild creatures, especially endangered species. Banning or severely limiting use of fertilizers and pesticides, especially near Great Lakes.

Health and Wellness

Income equity is the key to all wellbeing measures. Creating a sense of belonging for all citizens no matter their age, cultural background, socio-economic background. Create opportunities for diverse people to interact in the community by how it is planned and structured. Put some responsibility on employers to support the mental and physical health of their employees.

Infrastructure and Services

Once you have an excellent, clean source of water, people will recognize Niagara as the city who cares for water! Likewise when Waste is properly dealt with, with no shortcuts, Niagara will be known as the Clean City that looks after waste.

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