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About the Project

Starting in the summer of 2018, Niagara Region and the City of St. Catharines began road construction activities along Church St., Geneva St. and Niagara St. to improve traffic flow and wayfinding through a portion of downtown St. Catharines. The project takes place over two construction seasons in 2018 and 2019.

Work is presently underway on intersection improvements at Geneva St. and the placement of top asphalt. Once completed, Church St. will be converted to two-way traffic from Niagara St. to Court St on May 28.

In 2019, this road reconstruction project will remove Niagara St. from the five-point intersection where St. Paul St. meets Geneva St., Queenston St. and Niagara St., and realign it with Centre St. Geneva St. between Church and St. Paul streets will be reconstructed.

Construction will then continue on portions of St. Paul and Queenston streets adjacent to the intersection. Queenston St. will then be converted to two-way traffic.

In 2020, Queenston St. in downtown St. Catharines will be converted to two-way traffic from Geneva St. to Riordon St. Also, final adjustments of the maintenance holes will take place in early January.

In spring 2020, final touches will be made to the following items:

  • Sections of concrete boulevards, sidewalk and driveways
  • Upgrades to the Street Lighting Luminaries
  • Final landscape restorations including gardens and sod

The City of St. Catharines has been working on its plan to convert downtown to two-way traffic since 2009 when it changed over St. Paul St. and sections of other nearby streets.

Two-way traffic is intended to:

  • Make downtown streets friendlier for everyone
  • Be easier to navigate
  • Be safer for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists by naturally slowing traffic speeds
  • Reduce congestion and improve traffic flow

Project Timeline

2018 - Completed
One-way section of Church St. from King St. to Niagara St. was reconstructed

2018 - Completed
Portion of Niagara St. was also rehabilitated and remains as one-way

april 2019 - completed
Construction started

may 28 - Completed

Two-way traffic conversion completed for Church St. (between Court and Niagara streets) and King St. (between Court and Church streets)

december 2019
Construction ends for Church St. and King St.

january 2020
Two-way traffic conversion for Queenston St. (between Geneva St. to Riordon St.)

spring 2020
Finish off items including some sections of concrete boulevards, sidewalks, street lighting luminaries and final landscape restorations



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Church Niagara Street

Local Information

Businesses remain open

Temporary sidewalk closures may happen from time-to-time, but pedestrian access to business will be maintained at all times.

Expected traffic delays

For the interim, Queenston St. (from Geneva St. to Riordon St.) will remain one way in the eastbound direction.

The westbound lane of Queenston St. will be closed off for safety purposes until the conversion takes place on Jan. 20.

On-street parking

On-street parking on Church St. and Niagara St. has been reinstated.

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