Updates to the Sewer Use By-law No. 27-2014
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Wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems are important parts of Niagara's infrastructure. The Sewer Use By-law sets to protect these systems. This by-law sets limits for various pollutants that may be present in industrial and commercial discharges while still allowing discharges from residential users. It also ensures that sewage biosolids may continue to be used on farmland. The by-law helps to protect the chemical and biological processes used at Niagara Region's wastewater treatment plants.

Regulating these pollutants ensures that discharges from the plants follow provincial and federal environmental regulations. It also establishes rules for businesses disposing sewage into these plants and for those wanting to connect to the Regional sewer network.

Niagara Region has had a Sewer Use By-law since the 1970s. This by-law is reviewed and updated as needed to keep pace with the needs of the community and to ensure ongoing compliance with government regulations. Regional Council passed the current Sewer Use By-law in 2014.

As a result of the most recent by-law review in 2021, Niagara Region is recommending changes to the Sewer Use By-Law, including:

  • Updates to clarify and modify rules related to hauling sewage in Niagara. This includes adding the requirements of the Hauled Sewage Policy.
  • Adding the ability to appeal a decision of the Commissioner
  • Adding requirements for permits to allow certain types of discharges relating to construction dewatering to the sewer system
  • Clarifying requirements for laboratory testing
  • Clarifying language related to the use of storm sewers
  • Amendments to allow a by-law officer to issue compliance orders and to collect information during an inspection
  • Updates to language and definitions to improve readability and consistency throughout the document

Project timeline

Spring 2024
Public consultation

Summer / Fall 2024
Finalize Sewer Use By-Law


Jason Oatley, B.Sc., C.Chem.
Niagara Region
Manager, Quality and Compliance Wastewater
Email Water and Wastewater Services

Dawn Macarthur, B.Sc., C.Chem.
Niagara Region
Supervisor, Compliance and Enforcement
Email Water and Wastewater Services

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