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About the Project

As part of the Niagara Transit Service and Governance Strategy report produced by Dillon Consulting, there were a series of recommendations made to improve the existing Niagara Region Transit service.

The service enhancements will aim to add peak period service to high capacity routes. Peak periods refers to morning and afternoon rush hour times.

This project supports the Council Strategic Plan.

New Routes

  • 40A / 45A extended service hours to eliminate service breaks
  • 40B / 45B new route connecting the St. Catharines terminal to the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus
  • 50 / 55 standardized and extended operating hours Monday to Saturday
  • 60 / 65 increased frequency of service
  • 60A / 65A introduced 15 minute express service during peak periods
  • 70 / 75 increased frequency of service
  • 70A / 75A new route connecting Niagara College Welland Campus, Pelham's Meridian Community Centre and Brock University
  • Route #25 extended service hours to align with Niagara Region Transit routes

Project Timeline

january 2019 - Completed
60A / 65A Peak Period Express; 40A/45A peak period enhancements completed

september 2019 - completed
Implement new routes



GO Implementation Office
905-980-6000 ext. 3569

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