Intersection Improvements and Reconstruction of York Road (Regional Road 81) and Four Mile Creek Road (Regional Road 100)
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About the project

Niagara Region is starting the detailed design for the reconstruction and intersection improvements of York Road (Regional Road 81) and Four Mile Creek Road (Regional Road 100) in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


The proposed single-lane roundabout will fit a standard tractor-trailer size vehicle. It will have a six metre wide circulatory road and a three metre wide mountable truck apron. This will allow large trucks and farm equipment to use the roundabout and keep speeds low for smaller vehicles. Raised splitter islands with curbs will be on all approaches to control entry speeds. This will also create safe areas for pedestrians and prevent wrong-way movements. Pedestrian crossovers will be at each leg of the roundabout. Motorists will yield to pedestrians on the crossovers.

Active transportation

The alternative is 1.8 metre wide sidewalks and 1.5 metre wide one-way cycle tracks on either side of York Road and Four Mile Creek Road. The sidewalks will match the existing ones at the west end of York Road and the south end of Four Mile Creek Road. The cycle tracks will transition from the road to behind the curb at the project's limits.

Urban design and streetscaping

Streetscape is a term that refers to the natural and built elements of the street. The elements may be functional or aesthetic items that give utility to street users, such as street trees, landscaping, lighting and street furnishings. These elements affect the character of the area and shape the user experience. A series of streetscape design techniques will balance the needs of all road users.

The boulevards along York Road allow the opportunity for streetscaping. The roundabout gives a significant and unique streetscaping opportunity. The landscaping and height elements in the central island would add a focal point for St. Davids.

Storm water management

York Road and Four Mile Creek Road will have urban cross sections with curbs and gutters for runoff to new storm sewers. The project will replace three large drainage courses under York Road between Four Mile Creek Road and Concession 3 Road.

Proposed are low impact development facilities with bioswales and infiltration basins. They will be within the roundabout and the northeast corner of the intersection.

Project timeline

March 2023
Start detailed design

summer 2024
Move utilities and get property

winter 2025
Issue tender for construction (pending budget approval)

Start construction

Finish construction


Mike Keller
Niagara Region
Project Manager
905-980-6000 ext. 3265
Email Mike Keller

Local Information

Traffic delays

Constructing a single-lane roundabout starts with building the outside of the existing intersection. Traffic will stay at the prior intersection and then redirect to the newly built areas around the outside. The central island and splitter islands of the roundabout are then constructed.

The intersection of York Road and Four Mile Creek Road will stay open during roundabout construction. There may be one-way operation under flag-person control at times. There will be pedestrian and vehicle access to all residences and businesses during the project.

Image Gallery

Construction Limits
This map shows the location of the project's construction limits
The concept of the roundabout
This diagram shows the typical cross sections on Four Mile Creek Road and York Road
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