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Niagara Transit Governance Study
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About the Project

The Niagara Transit Governance Study is the next step in the plan to combine existing transit services in Niagara. The Inter-municipal Transit Working Group established a set of principles to guide this work, summarized as:

  • Customer driven: improve the rider experience and provide seamless connections
  • Unconventional solutions: investigate leading-edge technologies and delivery systems
  • Integrated: be seamless with other types of transportation and neighbouring transit systems
  • Economically responsible: balance costs with benefits while recognizing transit is a public service
  • Fair: respect existing investments made by communities and provide a basic level of service for all Niagara residents

The study determined that by consolidating transit services, a Commission governance model would best reflect these principles. This study considered governance, finance, stakeholder input and implementation perspectives. The study also developed a preliminary transition plan.

Parallel to the study, Regional staff have developed a preliminary funding strategy. If approved, existing municipal transit funding would be transferred to the Region.

Project Timeline

early 2021
Each of Niagara's 12 municipalities will be asked to provide support for the recommended governance and financial models and provide feedback

Present Regional Council with an assessment of the impacts of the operation of Niagara Regional Transit, Niagara Specialized Transit, NRT OnDemand and its internal corporate services

q2 2021
Review feedback, update models and return to Regional Council and the local municipal Councils, seeking a formal agreement to proceed with the creation of the Commission through a 'triple-majority' approval process

q3 2021
Transition activities to commence with the objective of the Commission assuming responsibility for day-to-day operation of transit in late 2022 (subject to approval of Regional Council and local municipal Councils)


Scott Fraser
Transportation Lead, GO Implementation Office
905-980-6000 ext. 3467
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Moving Transit Forward
The Niagara Transit Governance Study is part of our Moving Transit Forward initiative.
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