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Mewburn Road Sewage Pumping Station
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About the Project

Niagara Region initiated as Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study for the Mewburn Road Sewage Pumping Station, located at 2617 Mewburn Rd. in Niagara Falls. The station was built in 1988 and has had several repairs since that time.

Recent inspections of the existing pumping station show that it's aging and in need of major repair or replacement to ensure it can continue to properly service Niagara Falls. The current location of the pumping station is not owned by the Region so alternative locations for an upgraded pumping station will be considered.

This study will define the current and future needs and potential locations for an upgraded Mewburn Road Sewage Pumping Station. This study will complete a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment and prepare the design for the upgrade of the Mewburn Rd. station for the proposed pumping station which will meet the needs outlined in the Region's Water and Wastewater Master Plan. The current capacity of the pumping station is expected to be adequate for 25 years or more, so the design will be focused on upgrades to the station for regular service. The study will follow the guidance outlined in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment document (as amended in 2007, 2011, and 2015).

The map in the image gallery shows the current location (at the corner of Mountain Rd. and Mewburn Rd.) for the Mewburn Road Pumping Station and the Sewage Pumping Station Forcemain. The catchment area runs from the bottom of Scholfield Rd., down Mewburn Rd. to the top of Mountain Rd.

Project Timeline

july 2019 - Completed
Notice of study commencement

november 28, 2019 - completed
Public information centre

spring 2020 - completed
Notice of study completion and conceptual design of preferred solution

spring 2021
Detailed design

spring 2022
Construction begins



Albert Succi
Project Manager
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3308
Email Albert Succi

Mike Newbigging, P.Eng
Project Manager
Jacobs Engineering Group

Image Gallery

Mewburn Road Sewage Pumping Station Project Location
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