Highway 20 Bridge Replacement
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About the project

The Highway 20 Bridge is being replaced to address its poor condition. The bridge is approximately 220 metres west of the Welland Canal in Thorold. In 2019, emergency repairs were made to the bridge. The repairs allowed it to reopen until a complete replacement of the structure could be done.

The new bridge will be 32 metres long and 13.8 metres wide. There will be two 3.5 metre vehicle lanes, with 1.5 metre wide clear zone lanes and 1.5 metre wide sidewalks on each side.

Highway 20 is a major east / west corridor for moving goods, vehicles, residents and tourists. The bridge replacement design took minimizing the impact on road users into consideration. Various options of bridge construction techniques were also considered during the design process. a temporary bridge will be used during the construction of the replacement bridge.

The temporary bridge will be constructed south of the existing bridge. Highway 20 will be realigned to the temporary bridge. The realigned road and temporary bridge will have two full 3.5 metre wide paved lanes with pedestrian walkways. Once the new bridge is complete, the temporary bridge will be removed. Traffic will redirect back to the original alignment and the area will restore to its original condition.

Princess Street will be slightly realigned to the west for improved sight lines.

Project timeline

December 2022 - Completed
Replacement bridge design

February 2023 - completed
Construction tender

April 2023
Start construction

December 2023
Finish construction


Cam Milne, C.E.T.
Senior Project Manager
Transportation Engineering
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3437
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Duane VanGeest, P. Eng.
Project Manager
Ellis Engineering Inc.
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Construction Interruptions and Impacts

Highway 20 will be open during construction with a temporary bridge next to the existing one. There will be a short-term closure when the road is realigned to the temporary bridge. There will be another short-term closure when the roadway is returned to the new bridge. A signed detour will be arranged during those closures.

Public access to Holland Road will be restricted during construction. Access for emergency vehicles will be available at all times. Princess Street will stay open during construction.

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Highway 20 Bridge
The existing Highway 20 bridge.
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