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Hauled Sewage Program Policy and Procedure Update - Request for Stakeholder Review and Feedback
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About the project

Niagara Region accepts domestic and non-domestic hauled sewage for disposal at eight wastewater treatment plants across Niagara. This service is for residents and businesses within Niagara that are outside the sewer service areas. The acceptance of hauled sewage is governed under the Sewer Use By-law (By-law No. 27-2014) and the Hauled Sewage Program policy. The Hauled Sewage Program policy was last updated in 2009.

The Hauled Sewage Program policy was reviewed to make sure the policy still reflects the current program and industry best practices.

Through this update, the program elements in the existing policy were separated, and a new policy and procedure was drafted to meet corporate guidelines.

Hauled Sewage Program policy

The policy provides a high level description of the scope and purpose of the Hauled Sewage Program. It outlines key roles and responsibilities by program stakeholders including sewage generators, sewage haulers and Niagara Region staff

Hauled Sewage Program Management procedure

The procedure outlines the specific program details, requirements and expectations for participation in the Hauled Sewage Program. It includes enforcement actions for infractions against the Hauled Sewage Program

The draft policy and procedure will be posted for a 21 day review period for Hauled Sewage Program stakeholders and the general public.

After the review period, we will consider stakeholder feedback before the policy and procedure is finalized. The final version of the policy and procedure will be presented to Public Works Committee for approval.


Changes made to the Hauled Sewage Program policy and procedure are mostly administrative.

  • Annual expiration of Sewage Hauler Permits

    Sewage Haulers would be required to self renew their Sewage Hauler permits annually

    Annual Sewage Hauler permits will be issued with an expiry. If self renewal is not completed by the expiry date, plant access cards will be deactivated.

    This requirement was added to ensure Sewage Hauler information on file with Niagara Region is kept current, and the appropriate insurance and regulatory approvals are maintained

    An annual renewal fee will apply

  • Communication

    A section has been added to the procedure describing how Niagara Region will communicate with sewage generators and haulers and how they can communicate with Niagara Region

  • Updated Enforcement of Program Infractions

    Enforcement actions were updated and separated into categories: minor and major infractions

    This section was updated to more clearly define the enforcement procedure to be followed in the event of an infraction under this program and to ensure enforcement actions are applied consistently when necessary

  • Dispute of Enforcement Actions

    A procedure has been added to provide sewage generators or haulers with a means to dispute or appeal an enforcement action

Project timeline

August 2022 - Completed
Updated Hauled Sewage Program policy and procedure drafted

Oct. 1 - 31, 2022
Post draft Hauled Sewage Program policy and procedure for stakeholder review and comment

November 2022
Update draft documents as needed based on stakeholder feedback

January 2023
Finalize Hauled Sewage Program policy and procedure

February 2023
Communicate approved policy and procedure to stakeholders


Dawn MacArthur, B.Sc., C.Chem.
Niagara Region
Supervisor, WWW Compliance and Enforcement
905-980-6000 ext 3615
Email Dawn MacArthur

Public Engagement

Complete the survey to provide comment on the draft policy and procedure.

Reports and Documents

The current Hauled Sewage Program (PW4H01.1a) is available upon request to

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