Niagara GO Hub and Transit Stations Study: Phases and Timeline

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Phase 1: Study Context and Site Review (complete)


    • Determined the phases of the Niagara GO Hub and Transit Stations Study
    • Reviewed and confirmed optimal GO station locations that were identified through the 2011 Environmental Study Report
    • Identified the context, opportunities, and constraints to each GO station location
  • Phase 2: Prepare Vision and Principles (complete)


    • Confirmed the secondary plan and GO station boundaries
    • Completed baseline assessment and analysis of transportation, land uses, and market conditions
    • Prepared visions for each GO station secondary plan area
    • Public Information Centre #1 (June 2016) - public consultation was collected to shape the vision and objectives of each GO station area
  • Phase 3: Prepare Draft Secondary Plans (in progress)


    • Build upon the visions of Phase 2 to draft secondary plans for each GO station area
    • Establish land use and public realm improvements policy frameworks, and urban design guidelines for each secondary plan area
    • Create built form and urban design visualizations for each secondary plan area
    • Public Information Centre #2 (June 2017) - consultation to assist with managing and accommodating future growth within the secondary plan areas
    • Public Information Centre #3 (October 2017) - opportunity for the public review and provide comment on the final draft secondary plans
  • Phase 4: Complete Primary Zone Technical Analysis (in progress)


    • Model forecasted travel demands for each GO station secondary plan area up to the year 2041
    • Forecast GO train ridership and service levels to determine GO station requirements
    • Forecast future infrastructure requirements within each secondary plan area
    • Conduct assessments for both transportation corridors and land values markets within each secondary plan area
  • Phase 5: Design Station Area (removed from scope of work)
    When Niagara Region initiated the Niagara GO Hub and Transit Stations Study in June 2015, the Province had not yet committed to the Niagara GO Rail expansion.

    In June 2016, the Province formally announced the GO Rail expansion into Grimsby (2021), and St. Catharines and Niagara Falls (2023).

    Metrolinx is responsible for the preparing designs for the station areas. The Region, Grimsby, St. Catharines, and Niagara Falls will continue to collaborate with Metrolinx on the station design process.

  • Phase 6: Implementation and Planning Framework Update


    • Finalize the secondary plans and assist local municipalities with official plan amendments (as necessary)
    • Public Information Centre #4 (Fall 2017 / Winter 2018) - a statutory public open house and meeting to showcase final products of the study

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