Digital Modernization Strategy
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About the project

Improving customer service and access to Niagara Region services has been a priority for council since 2015.

In 2018, council endorsed the Integrated Customer Service Modernization Strategy. The strategy is a customer-focused model. It uses technology to deliver a seamless and responsive customer experience. It includes a "no wrong door" approach. This means services are accessible and available anywhere, anytime.

Starting in 2019, staff conducted small-scale pilot projects to modernize the customer experience. In 2020, this evolved into a comprehensive two-phase plan:

  • Phase one: Focus on physical infrastructure and process improvements
  • Phase two: Realize the digital transformation of the customer experience at the Region

The Customer Service Digital Modernization Report summarizes the Region's three-year plan.

Project timeline

2019 - completed
Pilot customer service projects

2020 - Completed
Develop two phase plan  

2021 - Completed
Phase one - establish customer service division and customer service desk at Regional Headquarters

Phase two - digital transformation of customer experience


Krista Cienik
Supervisor, Customer Services
Niagara Region
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Nicole Wolfe
Director - Construction, Engineering and Facility Management
Niagara Region
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