Niagara Region Projects

King St. Urbanization

Urbanize the existing two-lane rural road with bike lanes, sidewalk and on-street parking


Bender Hill Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades

To improve safety, infrastructure and increase its ability to keep up with demand

Niagara Falls

Niagara St. Bridge Reconstruction

Design, evaluate and determine alternatives for the bridge replacement and watermain extension


McLeod Rd. Reconstruction Phase 2

Reconstruct McLeod Rd. to address travel demand and infrastructure deficiencies

Niagara Falls

Reece Bridge Replacement

Replacement of Reece Bridge on Twenty Mile Rd. over Twenty Mile Creek in West Lincoln

West Lincoln

Rice Rd. Reconstruction

Reconstruct section of Rice Rd. (Regional Rd. 54), from Hwy. 20 to 200 metres north of Merritt Rd.