Niagara Region Projects

New Smithville Transmission Watermain

Construction of a new transmission watermain to accommodate growth

West Lincoln

Digital Modernization Strategy

To improve customer service and access to Niagara Region services

All Niagara

Jordan Hollow Retaining Wall Replacement

To replace the wall with a new structure between Brookside Drive to Twenty Mile Creek


Pelham Road (Regional Road 69) Reconstruction from Wessel Drive to Twenty Road

Reconstruction of Pelham Road in the Town of Lincoln


Environmental Assessment for Regional Rd. 37 (Merritt Rd.) and Regional Rd. 54 (Rice Rd.)

To reimage the two corridors of Merritt Rd. and Rice Rd. to meet future community needs

Pelham, Thorold, Welland

Niagara Stone Road (Regional Road 55) Rehabilitation

Reconstruction to improve road capacity, conditions, infrastructure, street scapng and urban design