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Niagara Region Projects

Bemis Elevated Tank

Niagara Region is replacing the Bemis Elevated Tank


Ontario Street Watermain Replacement

Niagara Region is improving its transmission watermain system along Ontario Street


2021 Biosolids Management Master Plan

A plan for the future management of biosolids in Niagara.

All Niagara

Intersection Improvements on Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24) at Canborough Road (Regional Road 63)

To address operational and safety improvements at the intersection

Pelham, West Lincoln

Reconstruction of Lakeshore Road (Regional Road 87) from Townline Road to Konzelmann Winery

To improve road surface conditions and drainage


Seat at the Table

A program aimed at increasing the number of women running and elected for municipal government in Niagara

All Niagara