Niagara Region Projects

Gilmore Lodge Redevelopment

Building a new three-storey, 160 bed long-term care facility and a Seniors Wellness Centre

Fort Erie

Niagara Regional Housing Intensification Project

Niagara Regional Housing is building 73 community housing units on Hawkins Street and Heximer Avenue

Niagara Falls

King Street (Regional Road 81) Road and Drainage Improvements

Fixing the failing road platform along King Street (Regional Road 81) from Lincoln Avenue to Greenlane


Reconstruction of Creek Road (Regional Road 45)

To address the existing road condition and improve road alignments


Montrose Rd. and Lyons Creek Rd. / Biggar Rd. Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

To examine rehabilitation and improvement needs for suitable transportation and municipal infrastructure

Niagara Falls

Glenridge Naturalization Site Leachate and Stormwater Environmental Assessment

To improve the leachate collection system and surface grading

St. Catharines