2021 Biosolids Management Master Plan
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Niagara is growing and in response to that growth, we need to make sure that we plan our infrastructure and services to meet increasing demands. One of those plans that might not be the first to come to mind is our Biosolids Management Master Plan. More people means more wastewater, which also means more biosolids and a higher demand for treatment and management of these materials.


Biosolids are the organic material resulting from the physical, chemical and biological treatment of sewage sludge generated at wastewater treatment plants.

2021 Biosolids Management Master Plan

The purpose of the 2021 Biosolids Management Master Plan update study is to plan for the future management of biosolids in a manner that is transparent, sustainable, reliable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and flexible. The study will also provide an avenue to explore opportunities for a range of options to manage biosolids in the region.

The objectives of the study are to:

  • Document the status of the existing biosolids management program at each treatment plant, in terms of process capacity, availability and reliability
  • Document the status of the existing program at Garner Road Biosolids Facility, in terms of process capacity, availability and reliability
  • Identify the limitations in the existing programs with consideration for the opportunities and constraints related to the future management of biosolids
  • Complete a comprehensive review of a broad range of biosolids management options available locally and globally and identify those feasible for each facility
  • Evaluate and select preferred options for each facility and the Region's operations as a whole
  • Identify, evaluate and recommend preferred biosolids management methods


The study will follow the master planning process as established by the Municipal Engineer's Association Class Environmental Assessment process for master plans, which is an approved Ontario Environmental Assessment process. The Biosolids Management Master Plan update will satisfy phases one and two of the Class Environmental Assessment process. Public and stakeholder input will be sought throughout the process and a Biosolids Management Master Plan Update Report will be prepared and filed for public review.

Project Timeline

May 2022 - Completed
Notice of study commencement

June 8, 2022 - completed
Public Information Centre #1

May 17, 2023 - completed
Public Information Centre #2

Summer 2023
Notice of study completion


Jason Oatley, B.Sc., C.Chem.
Niagara Region
Manager of Quality and Compliance (Wastewater)
Email Jason Oatley

Laura Verhaeghe, P.Eng.
GM BluePlan Engineering Limited
Project Manager
519-824-8150 ext. 1256

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Biosolids Management Master Plan
Equipment being prepared for liquid biosolids application in a big open field.
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