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Creating a New Niagara Official Plan

Niagara Region is developing a new Niagara Official Plan - a process known as a 'municipal comprehensive review'. The Niagara Official Plan is a long-range, policy planning document to shape Niagara's physical, economic and social development.

The plan will include objectives, policies and mapping that form Niagara's approach to managing population and employment growth; protecting the natural environment, resources and farmland; and providing sufficient infrastructure

The Official Plan will:

Purpose of a New Niagara Official Plan

The Planning Act requires municipalities to regularly review and update official plans to align with provincial requirements.

The Regional Official Plan was first approved in the 1970s. At that time, our role and the content of the plan focused on protecting farmland and establishing urban boundaries.

Over the years, amendments were made to reflect the Region's increased land use planning functions under an evolving provincial system. However, the historic framework established over 40 years ago has never been comprehensively reviewed.

In 2017, resources were allocated to develop a new Niagara Official Plan that is contemporary and user friendly; provides a consistent structure; and reflects the current comprehensive planning framework.


Extensive consultations took place in 2013-14 on the priorities for the Official Plan under a campaign titled 'Imagine Niagara'. This campaign received the Communications / Public Education award from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute in 2015.

To build on Imagine Niagara, there will be more opportunities for community input on the background work, draft policies and new draft Official Plan. Engagement will include stakeholder sessions, open houses, public meetings, and online input through the website.

The new Niagara Official Plan will also be developed in consultation with the local area municipalities and Region's Planning Advisory Committee.


Survey: New Niagara Official Plan - Pillar Statements and Directives

Niagara is growing. As part of the creation of the Niagara Official Plan, we're looking for your input on these draft pillar statements and directives that will guide our plan.

2014 Consolidated Regional Official Plan

View the 2014 Consolidated Regional Official Plan currently in effect.

Virtual Public Information Centres

Learn about key directives and policy information that will inform the Niagara Official Plan.

Six sessions have taken place on topics such as Niagara's natural environment, land needs, growth allocations, housing, transportation, urban design, employment lands and agriculture.

View the presentations and recordings of the sessions.

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Video: Creating a New Official Plan

Components of the New Niagara Official Plan

Growing Region

How we manage growth and development, with a range and mix of housing types, including affordable housing. Watch the Growing Region video.

Connected Region

How we improve connections with transit, recreation, trails, infrastructure and technology. Watch the Connected Region video.

Competitive Region

How we increase our competitiveness by supporting employment opportunities and protecting agricultural lands. Watch the Competitive Region video.

Vibrant Region

How we enhance the vibrancy of communities by supporting strong urban design and protecting cultural heritage. Watch the Vibrant Region video.

Sustainable Region

How we protect our natural environment and plan for climate change. Watch the Sustainable Region video.

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