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Niagara Official Plan Consolidated Policy Report -  May 2021

The Niagara Official Plan Consolidated Policy Report (PDS 17-2021 - May 2021) provides significant information and draft policies for the Niagara Official Plan. It also includes staff's recommendation for the Region's natural environment system options.

Report components
Report Reference Title
PDS 17-2021 Niagara Official Plan Consolidated Policy Report
Appendix 1 Consultation Events
Appendix 2 Draft Framework
Appendix 3.1 Executive Overview - Growth Allocation and Land Needs Assessment
Appendix 3.2 Report: Draft Land Needs Assessment Summary
Appendix 3.3 Memorandum: Niagara Region Municipal Comprehensive Review - Growth Allocation Update to 2051 (Hemson Consulting)
Appendix 3.4 Draft Growth Forecasting Policies
Appendix 4.1 Executive Overview - Regional Structure
Appendix 4.2 Report: Regional Structure Policy Paper
Appendix 4.3 Draft Regional Structure Policies
Appendix 4.4 Draft Regional Structure Schedule
Appendix 5.1 Executive Overview - Housing
Appendix 5.2 Memorandum: Housing Affordability and Growth Plan 2051 (CANCEA)
Appendix 5.3 Draft Housing Policies
Appendix 6.1 Executive Overview - Natural Environment
Appendix 6.2 Report: Status Update and Recommendations
Appendix 6.3 Memorandum: Preliminary Policy Intent for the Natural Environment System in the Region's Settlement Areas and Discussion on Implications
Appendix 7.1 Executive Overview - Watershed Planning
Appendix 8.1 Executive Overview - Climate Change
Appendix 8.2 Report: Climate Change Section Update
Appendix 9.1 Executive Overview - Agriculture
Appendix 9.2 Draft Agriculture Policies
Appendix 9.3 Draft Agricultural Land Base Schedule
Appendix 10.1 Executive Overview - Employment Areas
Appendix 10.2 Report: Employment Policy Paper
Appendix 10.3 Draft Employment Policies
Appendix 10.4 Draft Employment Areas Schedule
Appendix 11.1 Executive Overview - Mineral Aggregate Resources
Appendix 11.2 Draft Mineral Aggregate Resources Policies
Appendix 11.3, 11.4, 11.5 Draft Mineral Aggregate Schedules
Appendix 12.1 Executive Overview - Transportation
Appendix 12.2 Draft Transportation Policies
Appendix 12.3, 12.4 Draft Transportation Schedules
Appendix 13.1 Executive Overview - Infrastructure
Appendix 13.2 Draft Infrastructure Policies
Appendix 14.1 Executive Overview - District and Secondary Planning
Appendix 14.2 Draft District and Secondary Plans Policies
Appendix 15.1 Executive Overview - Urban Design
Appendix 15.2 Draft Urban Design Policies
Appendix 16.1 Executive Overview - Archaeology
Appendix 17 Glossary of Terms
Appendix 18.1 Executive Overview - Settlement Area Boundary Review
Appendix 18.2 Criteria: MCR Urban Settlement Area Boundary Expansion Assessment Criteria
Appendix 18.3 Criteria: Hamlet Boundary Review Process
Appendix 18.4 Criteria: Boundary Technical Mapping Updates

Provide your feedback

A Niagara Watershed Plan project as described in Appendix 7.1 is underway. The Niagara Watershed Plan will be published in three volumes. Volume 3 will be completed in summer 2021.

Volume 1 (Characterization) and Volume 2 (Management) are in draft and available for review and comment:

Provide comments on the drafts of volumes 1 and 2 to by Friday, July 30, 2021.

Share your thoughts about the Niagara Official Plan work completed so far. Comments on PDS 17-2021 will be received until July 2, 2021.

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