Notice of Provincial Approval of Official Plan

On Nov. 4, 2022, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing approved the Niagara Official Plan, with modifications. This approval helps us prepare for the anticipated population of 694,000 people and 272,000 jobs by 2051. Through the Niagara Official Plan and working with our municipalities, it helps provide more housing and jobs within the region.

The decision of the Minister is final, and there are no appeals.

The Niagara Official Plan, as approved with modifications, came into effect on Nov. 4, 2022. Learn about the Notice of Decision and modifications for approval.

Planning staff will add the Minister's modifications into the Regional Council adopted Official Plan.

Notice of Adoption of Official Plan

On June 23, 2022, Regional Council approved By-law 2022-47 adopting the Niagara Official Plan.

The adopted plan has been sent to the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval.

Niagara Official Plan

The new Niagara Official Plan is a long-term land use planning document that shapes and defines our community for future generations through policies that set out what we protect, where and how the region will grow, and policy tools for success.

The new plan is the first comprehensive review since the original policy plan was approved in 1973. Once approved by the Province, the new plan will replace the existing official plan.

Key components and supporting studies

The plan includes land-use policies that cover topics like Niagara's natural environment, climate change, land needs, growth allocations, housing, transportation, urban design, employment lands and agriculture.

These variables are all interconnected, and must be considered holistically to plan for communities that are sustainable, resilient, vibrant and thriving.

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