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Reconstruction of Lakeshore Road (Regional Road 87) from Townline Road to Konzelmann Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara Region will be reconstructing Lakeshore Road (Regional Road 87) between Townline Road and 1096 Lakeshore (Konzelmann Estates winery) under Contract No. 2021-T-185. This is the second stage of construction for the two stage project. Phase 1 from Konzelmann to Four Mile Creek Road was completed in 2019. Construction on Phase II is scheduled to begin mid to late February 2022 and will be completed during the 2022 construction season, weather permitting.

This contract will be carried out on behalf of Niagara Region by Rankin Constriction Inc. Rankin has setup a 24 hotline for residents to call if they have any questions or concerns during construction at 905-682-2078.

Construction will start with the installation of a new storm sewer starting at the concrete box culvert near Firelane 7. The new storm sewer is to be constructed at depths ranging from 2 to 4 metres. The majority of the storm sewer will be constructed along the south shoulder of the road. Catchbasins will also be installed in the north ditch and as such, leads will be crossing the roadway.

The contractor will strive to maintain two lanes of traffic outside of their work zone and one lane within their construction zone. Although one lane of traffic through the construction site will be maintained, short delays should be expected for the passage of oncoming vehicles and equipment. Once weather permits, beginning in early spring, the road will be pulverized and reconstructed.

Every effort will be made to maintain access to abutting properties and to minimize inconvenience to businesses, residents and pedestrians.  The Region’s consultant, Kerry T. Howe Engineering Limited, will have a construction inspector, Zach Hoover, present on site during construction hours and can be contacted for information or to identify concerns at 289-219-4161 during construction hours.

Periodically, there will be some inconvenience to you during the construction period. Due to the scope of work involved, driveway access will be affected at times. Every effort will be made to give you advance notice should this occur. The contractor will not close the road unless an emergency situation, but single lane, rolling closures will be happening for the duration of the project. Such closures will be minimized as much as possible. However, at such times, the contractor will provide traffic control personnel. Although the contractor is required to provide safe pedestrian access at all times, care is requested when walking through the construction zone.

In some cases, the front of your property (lawn and driveway) will be disturbed during construction. The contractor will carry out the necessary restoration and in some cases, will include the placement of new sod. Driveways, if disturbed, will be repaired with the same material as existing. 

It is the property owner’s responsibility to identify to the contractor or the inspector the location of sprinkler heads and irrigation piping in advance.  Irrigation systems located within the road allowance that have not been identified and are damaged, will not be repaired or replaced. Any privately owned landscape features such as gardens, fences, lights etc. that are placed within the Regional Right of Way are requested to be relocated by the owner before construction. If not relocated, these items may be removed and not reinstated and there will be no reimbursement/compensation for removed items that may be damaged or not returned.


Before construction, a representative from the contractor’s inspection firm: OZA Inspections Ltd. will be contacting you to arrange for an inspection of the interior and exterior of your house or building.The purpose is to determine and document the extent of any cracking or other damage that exists before construction starts. This information can be used to determine the extent of the contractor's responsibility in the unlikely event that damage to your house or building occurs during construction. The representative will have identification for your review. It is to the property owner’s advantage to allow them to complete the inspection and document the condition of your property.

Essential project

Niagara Region has declared this project an essential project. Work is proceeding under this declaration. The contractor must provide a COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy for completing this work under current recommended guidelines. This includes social distancing both with other crew members and the public who may approach the job site.

Notifications will be delivered as required to front doors and interaction will be avoided unless circumstances dictate that verbal notification is needed. In those instances, social distancing of at least two metres will be maintained.

Road closure information

For road closure information, visit road closures in Niagara or for real-time information on closures and construction updates. Municipal511 shares road information that connects to Google Maps and Waze. It helps Niagara Region, local municipalities and the Ministry of Transportation better coordinate local construction projects to minimize traffic disruption.


Should you have any questions or encounter any problems during the work, feel free to approach our construction inspector, Zach Hoover, 289-219-4161, on site. You may also contact one of the following individuals:

Melissa Tomascik, C.E.T.
Project Manager
Niagara Region
1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way
Thorold, ON L2V 4T7
905-980-6000 ext. 3189

Mr. Scott Kozub, P. Eng.
Project Manager
Kerry T. Howe Engineering Limited
98 Church St.
P.O. Box 460
St. Catharines, ON L2R 6V9
905-688-6550 ext. 227​
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