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Notice of Glenridge Naturalization Site Leachate and Stormwater Study

Niagara Region has initiated a study to assess the leachate collection system and stormwater management options at Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site.

This site includes a passive leachate collection system to prevent discharge of leachate under Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Environmental Compliance Approval No. A120106. All collected leachate is currently directed to the sanitary sewer, which is treated at the Port Dalhousie Water Pollution Control Plant.

Leachate is a liquid that passes through a landfill and extracts dissolved or suspended solids from the waste material in the process. This liquid includes rainwater entering the landfill, liquid created as a result of the natural decomposition of organic material and other liquids and chemicals that have been discarded.

Due to the age of the LCS, and settlement of the landfill, deterioration of the underdrain system has been observed. Settlement of the landfill since the time it was closed at the end of 2001 has caused changes to the surface grading, resulting in poor surficial drainage and increased leachate generation. The combination of these two conditions could lead to increased environmental effects such as migration of leachate impacts to downstream groundwater or surface water. The current management approaches also require active and ongoing maintenance.

The purpose of this study is to:

  • Identify any potential environmental effects associated with the proposed works
  • Plan appropriate mitigation measures
  • Determine any potential environmental assessment or permitting requirements

Study area

The Glenridge Naturalization site is located at 1860 Sir Isaac Brock Way, in the City of St. Catharines. The area operated as a municipal landfill site from 1976 to 2001. The site stopped accepting waste in 2001 and was closed on January 1, 2002.


The proposed modifications to the landfill surface grading and existing leachate collection system are outlined in Schedule 'A/A+' of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment. Schedule 'A/A+' activities are pre-approved, but public notification is required before project implementation.


Notification of the selection of the preferred alternative and submission of the Environmental Compliance Approval application will be mailed to residents and businesses located within the immediate study ar​ea.


If you wish to comment on or receive updates regarding this project, contact:

Peter Kryger, P. Geo., PMP
Niagara Region
Project Manager
905-685-4225 ext. 3736
Email Peter Kryger

Matt Knowles, P. Eng., PMP
Golder Associates Ltd.
Consultant Project Manager
613-592-9600 ext. 3256

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