Five Things You Didn't Know the Region Does

So you already know we've been around since 1970, provide your water, pick up your garbage, and that 51% of Canadians believe the Caramilk secret should remain unsolved, right? Well, we've got a few more tidbits up our sleeves.

1. Your mom was right about not petting stray cats and dogs

Man feeding a racoon

Rabies is in Niagara, and has been found in bats, raccoons and skunks. Did you know that our Public Health inspectors investigate all reported animal bites? Over 1,200 in 2016 alone! Stay safe by vaccinating your pets and never pet an animal you don't know.

2. We have three mascots

Niagara Region mascots

Better known as Gracie the Grey Box, Benji the Blue Box and Phil the Green Bin. All aimed at helping people remember good recycling habits. Be sure to look out for our fun mascots throughout the year at special events and festivals.

3. We operate the Provincial Offences Courts in Niagara

Law and Order logo

While the cases heard by the Provincial Offences Court (POA) may not have the same dramatic flair as a "ripped from the headlines" episode of Law and Order, the courts in Niagara provide an important service that helps keep our community safe.

Types of cases heard by Niagara's POA courts included:

  • Highway Traffic Act offences - speeding, careless driving, not wearing your seatbelt, etc.
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act offences - failing to surrender your insurance card or possessing a false, invalid insurance card, or no insurance
  • Liquor Licence Act offences - being intoxicated in a public place or selling alcohol to a minor
  • Trespass to Property Act offences - Entering prohibited premises or failing to leave premises
  • Occupational Health and Safety or Environmental Offences
  • Municipal by-law Offence - noise, animal care, trees, etc.

4. We run 8 long-term care homes

It may not be the Del Boca Vista, but we do operate eight accredited long-term care homes, providing care and supports to more than 1,500 residents each year. With homes located across the region, many residents are able to stay in their own community.

5. We troll for ticks

You may not know that Public Health Inspectors troll for ticks throughout the year, and send away any blacklegged ticks to get tested for the Lyme disease bacteria.

Found a tick after a walk in the woods? Drop it in small, plastic container and bring it in to any Public Health office and we'll tell you what kind of tick it is. 90 per cent of the ticks in Niagara are American dog ticks, that don't carry the Lyme disease bacteria. Learn more about ticks and Lyme disease in Niagara.

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