Learning, Earning and Parenting program celebrates young parents successes at 2019 graduation

​Families of graduates and staff of the Learning, Earning and Parenting Program (LEAP) were joined today at the 2019 graduation event by Regional Councillor Laura Ip and Commissioner of Community Services Adrienne Jugley to congratulate nearly 30 young parents on their successful completion of the LEAP program. 

LEAP provides the supports to allow young parents to focus on their education while developing parenting and employment skills for their future. The program covers some or all expenses for students related to educational trips, transportation, school supplies and employment. Taking into account individual needs, the program can also support with child care, clothing, recreational activity fees and more.

Many in this group of 2019 graduates are focusing on post-secondary and continued education, while others look towards entrepreneurial opportunities or employment goals. Each graduate has worked hard to successfully complete their high school education and the LEAP staff who support them understand each had their own individual needs and obstacles to overcome. Year after year staff continue to provide the supports necessary to best position graduates to achieve academic success.

LEAP Components

There are three components of the program:


Helps you return to school either in a traditional high school setting or in an alternative education program to complete your high school diploma.


Provides you with access to all Ontario Works' employment supports to help you develop your employment skills and move from school to work.


Promotes the healthy development of your child by enhancing your parenting skills to provide the best start in life for your child.


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