Niagara Region’s new Water Wagon has arrived

Niagara Region’s new Water Wagon may be coming to a festival or event near you! The redesigned Wagon has a new look, improved engineering and an increased capacity from the previous model, providing eventgoers access to clean, refreshing tap water at local events; just bring a reusable bo​ttle and fill up for free.

The launch comes just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Water Wagon. Since 2009, the Water Wagon has attended 317 events in Niagara. By offering more than 760,000 litres of cold tap water over the last 10 years, the Water Wagon has provided the opportunity for local events to reduce as many as 1.5 million single-use plastic bottles.

The Water Wagon is a vital part of Niagara Region’s continued efforts to raise awareness about the high quality tap water available to residents in Niagara and to promote environmentally-friendly options to residents and visitors

Why drink tap? If a 500mL bottle of water was $1, it would cost you $6,800 to get 3400L of water. It would cost only $5 to buy the same amount from your local municipality.


  • Keey an eye out for the Water Wagon at local community events
  • Bring a reusable bottle with you
  • Encourage others around you to drink tap water

For more information, go to the Water Wagon information page​.


"Access to clean and safe tap water is vital for healthy and thriving communities. I am proud that we are able to educate residents and visitors about the quality and benefits of Niagara’s tap water through the Water Wagon service while providing local events and festivals with an environmentally-friendly option to hydrate their patrons."
~ Jim Bradley, Regional Chair


Shelby VanderEnde
Niagara Region
905-980-6000 ext. 3813

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