Join the 1DayStand for a smoke-free Brock campus

Today, students and staff at numerous post-secondary campuses across Ontario are speaking up, taking action and encouraging their campus to become part of the smoke-free movement. In support, Niagara Region Public Health, third year Brock University Health Science students, and Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) are hosting a 1DayStand event at Brock University. The event aims to raise awareness with staff and students of the benefits of a smoke-free campus, collect signatures in support of a smoke-free campus policy, and provide resources to smokers through LTPB to help smokers quit.
The event takes place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in Thistle Hallway (close to the Market stairs), as well as Walker Complex (near the computer lab), and the International Centre (entrance off Glenridge Ave. by the Quarry View residences).
“We’re also encouraging smokers to join the Seal Your Pack Challenge,” said Dr. Kelli-an Lawrance, associate professor, Brock University, and long-time tobacco control advocate. “The challenge lets smokers experience the immediate benefits of being smoke-free, makes the whole campus healthier for the day, and helps to demonstrate the widespread campus community support for a smoke-free Brock.”
Post-secondary campuses offer a unique opportunity to protect campus communities from exposure to second-hand smoke through a smoke-free campus policy. The 1DayStand event seeks to start a conversation that could end in a healthier campus for all by:
  • Encouraging students who use tobacco to quit for the day, with an aim to quit for good
  • Getting students’ opinions towards tobacco use on campus
  • Raising awareness of the benefits of smoke-free campus policies
  • Promoting the adoption of permanent smoke-free policies
Everyone has the right to breathe clean air where they live, work, study and play.  Research from LTPB shows that:
  • Students are targeted by the tobacco industry
  • Addressing tobacco use will not only save lives but also the planet through positive environmental impact
  • Tobacco-free policies decrease costs for schools without impacting enrolment
Leave The Pack Behind is a tobacco control program funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that offers free, proven quit-smoking resources created specifically for young adults 18 – 29 years of age. LTPB operates on all post-secondary campuses and in the community.
For more information on smoke-free campuses go to:
For media inquires on-campus during the event, please visit the Thistle Hallway event location and ask for Alison Haggerty, health promoter, Niagara Region Public Health.


Kerri Stoakley
Niagara Region Public Health
905-688-8248 ext. 7303

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