Fort Erie long-term care home residents share fond memories and look toward a bright future

Residents of Gilmore Lodge reflect on County Fair Mall as demolition begins 

The residents of Gilmore Lodge long-term care home in Fort Erie gathered to celebrate the early stages of what will become their new home at the site of the old County Fair Mall on Garrison Rd.

As demolition gets underway on Monday, Sept. 24, there was some of the community who wanted closure on the old mall that they had fond memories of; some even saying they met the love of their life at the mall. The celebration event held at the home allowed residents to share their memories of the mall with the community and visit with local dignitaries who could speak to the vision of a better future for seniors in Niagara.

Plans for the new Gilmore Lodge site are scheduled to be prepared for November 2019 for Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care approval, with the planned date of construction coming in 2020. The goal is to have the new long-term care home ready for 2022.


"Three long-term care homes operated by Niagara Region must be redeveloped by December 2024 to meet Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care structural compliance standards and building code standards. The newly developed homes will be situated on campuses that have co-located services designed to delay or avoid the transfer to long-term care and to support the families of those in the facilities."
~ Henri Koning, Director Seniors Service at Niagara Region
"Given the aging population in Niagara there is pressure on the availability of long-term care beds at our homes. The Region is prepared to work hard to ensure that future needs for service can be met, by using innovative new ways to provide service and do business differently."
~ Regional Chair Alan Caslin


Will Foran
Niagara Region
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