Niagara Region celebrates National Public Works Week

The work of public works professionals touches our lives everyday, from the safe drinking water we rely on from our tap, the Regional roads we take to work and school, or disposing of garbage or recyclables, the services provided by Niagara Region Public Works connects our communities together. 

To recognize these contributions, Niagara Region is celebrating the work of our Public Works staff from May 21-27 in support of National Public Works Week.

National Public Works Week is the annual celebration of the tens of thousands of public works professionals throughout North America.

The theme for National Public Works Week this year is “Connecting the World through Public Works”. The theme focuses on Public Works as the thread that connects communities both physically, through critical infrastructure, and inspirationally through service to communities. Public works provides an infrastructure of services in transportation, water, wastewater and waste management contributing to our communities and making them great places to live and work.

The theme also highlights the dedication of public works professionals to improve the quality of life for the communities they serve, striving to make healthier and happier communities. Join us in celebrating the work these professionals do that makes life better for all of us.


"National Public Works Week is an opportunity to celebrate the people in public works who enhance the quality of life for our communities and recognize the many essential services they provide. Whether it’s necessary work done each day or responding during critical times, our dedicated public works professionals are there. I extend my sincere thanks to all of our Public Works staff."
~ Dan Carnegie, Commissioner of Public Works (Acting)

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