Make your trip to the beach a healthy one

‚ÄčWith the arrival of the warm weather comes a trip to the beach. Niagara Region Public Health encourages residents and visitors to have a healthy experience at the beach this summer. 

Niagara Region Public Health tests beach water quality, effective now through to the end of summer, to make sure the level of bacteria in the water is safe for swimming. Entering the water with high bacteria levels can cause eye, ear, nose, throat and skin infections, as well as stomach problems if the water is swallowed.

Before planning a visit to the beach, Niagara Region Public Health encourages residents and visitors to view beach water testing results online at These results are easily accessible on mobile devices. Residents and visitors are also reminded to look for posting signs that inform swimmers about high levels of bacteria in the water. 

Additional factors that may cause bacteria levels to rise include numerous birds or waterfowl, a large number of people swimming, wind and high waves, cloudy water, and heavy rainfall.

Help keep our beaches clean by doing your part, do not feed birds or animals, do not use soaps or shampoos in the water, use the washroom facilities provided, and place garbage in bins or take it with you.

For more information on beach water testing visit  

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