Niagara Regional Council Approves Next Step with Red Light Camera Program

Niagara Regional Council has approved the next step in its Vision Zero Road Safety initiative, providing the necessary authorities for the implementation of the Red Light Camera Program. This latest endorsement means that the Region will begin the operation of 10 red light cameras across Niagara in the fall of this year.  

Red light cameras are one part of Niagara Region’s Vision Zero Road Safety initiative which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries, reduce road collisions, and improve road safety for all modes of transportation.

The introduction of red light cameras is the third major initiative of the Vision Zero Road Safety initiative to receive Council approval, beginning with the introduction of 13 community safety zones approved in 2019 and automated speed enforcement fully approved in 2022. Niagara Region is also currently developing its Road Safety Strategic Plan that in the coming months will seek to expand the Vision Zero Road Safety initiative further.

The 10 red light camera locations were chosen based on the frequency and severity of collisions, the feasibility of camera installation, and the overall distribution of cameras geographically throughout the region.

Red light cameras have a proven history of improving intersection safety through a reduction in the frequency and severity of collisions, and in particular right-angle collisions that are more commonly associated with injuries, fatalities, and the high societal costs of collisions.

There were 1,078 angle collisions at Niagara Region signalized intersections between 2018-2022.

In addition to the roll out of the Red Light Camera Program, Niagara Region will also be moving forward with its Automated Speed Enforcement Program in Community Safety Zones later this year.

Red Light Camera Locations*

Fort Erie

  • Garrison Road (Regional Road 3) at Pettit Road / Daytona Drive


  • Christie Street (Regional Road 12) at South Service Road (Regional Road 40)


  • Ontario Street (Regional Road 18) at South Service Road (Regional Road 40)
Pelham/West Lincoln

  • Highway 20 (Regional Road 20) at Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24)

Niagara Falls

  • Lundy’s Lane (Regional Road 20) at Garner Road
  • Stanley Avenue (Regional Road 102) at Dunn Street

St. Catharines

  • St. Paul Street West (Regional Road 81) at First Street Louth
  • Niagara Street (Regional Road 48) at Parnell Road


  • Prince Charles Drive (Regional Road 54) at Lincoln Street (Regional Road 29)
  • Niagara Street (Regional Road 50) at Quaker Road

*Locations may still be subject to change. 


"Niagara Region continues to take important measures to improve road safety. The addition of red light cameras to our Vision Zero Road Safety initiative provides yet another effective tool to help slow down drivers and reduce dangerous collisions on our roadways."
~ Jim Bradley, Niagara Regional Chair
"Automation has become a critical tool that helps municipalities achieve improved road safety by effectively reminding drivers to follow the rules of the road. Niagara is ready to join other municipalities across Ontario who are successfully using red light cameras in their communities to change dangerous driver behavior. Automated enforcement tools, like red light cameras and automated speed enforcement, work in tandem with Police enforcement to improve speed compliance and increase public awareness about the critical need to slow down"
~ Bruce Zvaniga, Commissioner of Public Works

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