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Apply now to work on the 2022 municipal and school board trustee elections

On Monday, Oct. 24, 2022, Niagara residents will vote to elect the positions of mayor, councillors, regional councillors and school board trustees.

To make sure voting runs smoothly, we are calling on residents across Niagara to work as election officials in a variety of paid positions during the advanced voting period and on Election Day. Working as an election official is a great way to engage with your community.

To find available job opportunities during the election, contact your local area municipality.

In addition to hiring election officials, Niagara’s local area municipalities, school boards and Niagara Region are once again forming a joint compliance audit committee for election campaign finances.

Experienced professionals are being recruited to form a roster of eligible members for appointment to the 2022-2026 Niagara Compliance Audit Committee. Further details will be available on the Region’s or Local Area Municipal website or Niagara Votes by the end of July.

For more information about the 2022 municipal and school board trustees election, visit Niagara Votes.

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