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Candidate nominations and third party advertiser registration opens today

From May 2 to Aug. 19, 2022, candidates interested in running in the 2022 municipal or school board elections can file their nomination papers with the clerk of the appropriate municipality.

Nomination papers can be picked up at any municipal Clerk’s Office. The following information applies to candidates looking to file nomination papers:

  • ​Nomination papers can be filed with any municipal Clerk’s Office during business hours from May 2 to Aug. 19 2022, and between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2022.
  • Nomination papers must be signed by the candidate and filed in person or by an agent with the clerk of the appropriate municipality.
  • A filing fee of $200 for the head of council (mayor) and $100 for all other offices (regional councillor, councillor/alderman or school board trustee) will be required at the time of filing.
  • Each nomination paper must be endorsed by 25 eligible voters supporting the nomination (excluding school board trustee candidates).
  • A candidate must be registered before he/she spends any money on a campaign or accepts any contributions.
  • In the event there is an insufficient number of certified candidates to fill the positions available in each municipality, nominations will be reopened by the appropriate clerk, for the vacant positions only.

In addition, the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, includes rules for third party advertising.

Third party advertising is any paid advertising that supports or opposes a candidate running in the election. It can be in any format, including paid social media, website advertisements, billboards, signage, TV, newspapers and radio.

Individuals, corporations and trade unions may register as third party advertisers (TPAs) and may also make contributions to TPAs. TPAs must first register with the municipal clerk in each municipality that they plan to advertise in. Registration opens May 2, and closes on Oct. 21, 2022. TPAs must register before they spend any money or accept any contributions. In addition, all third party advertising must be independent and cannot be directed by any candidate.

For more information about becoming a candidate or third party advertising, please visit the Niagara Votes website.

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