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Region launches new dashboard to provide a snapshot of our community

Niagara Region is committed to being transparent with our data, and improving our service to our community through data-driven decision-making.

Niagara Region's Community Dashboard uses key indicators to monitor and share important information about our community and Niagara Region's programs and services.  It tracks data over time, telling us what we’re doing well and where more focus and attention may be needed. The Dashboard groups approximately 90 indicators into four themes to give an overview of the community and Regional services. The dashboard is a hybrid that is broader than a typical organizational performance dashboard and includes data and information that is of community interest.

The four themes are:

  1. Community Well-Being: Highlights the wellness and inclusiveness of our community in human and environmental health, healthcare, and safety;
  2. Economy and Business: Demonstrates the strength of our local economy, including development, employment, and growth;
  3. Leading Government: Showcases Niagara Region’s commitment to its residents through innovative, fiscally-sustainable, transparent and accountable decision-making, and service delivery; and
  4. Livability: Visibility on the quality of life in the Region through affordability, housing, and infrastructure.

While these four themes align with the current priorities set out in Council’s Strategic Plan, they are designed to reflect topics of general community interest, which endure from Council term to Council term.

Along with graphical information, each indicator includes an explanation of why it matters, how it's measured, and how the Region is making progress; a ‘related links’ section provides additional context. Future editions of the Dashboard will expand to include additional links to content such as Strategic Plan initiatives, day-to-day services, programs, maps, plans and studies.

Indicator data has been collected from a number of sources, including municipal benchmarking data, Statistics Canada, industry associations, and Niagara Region departments, programs and services. The Dashboard reinforces the Region's commitment to openness and accountability. Monitoring municipal services and community measures will help drive innovation and continuous improvement.

The Dashboard is a work in progress and serves as a ‘living’ tool with data and statistics that are ever-changing, while data cycles and availability may limit the ability to have up-to-date data at all times.  We'll continue to add and refine indicators in the coming year to tell the story of our community and Regional services.

Designed with user experience in mind, the Dashboard is compatible with all web browsers.  As well, its responsive design enables viewing from multiple devices such as desktops, laptops and other mobile devices i.e. tablets and mobile phones.

We’re always looking to improve as well as encourage community members, businesses and stakeholders to provide their feedback on the Dashboard or propose new indicators.


"One of Council’s strategic priorities for this term included sustainable and engaging government. The Community Dashboard reinforces our commitment to openness and accountability. Making this tool available to businesses, stakeholders and community members allows us to continuously improve where we are at within each indicator."
~ Regional Chair, Jim Bradley
"Niagara Region has made progress in exploring efficiencies across all its services, streamlining its operations, and engaging in meaningful stakeholder engagement to ensure our programs and services are meeting the needs of our communities. This Community Dashboard is an extension of that work and allows us to be open about our programs and services by telling the story of our community. I look forward to hearing feedback from businesses, stakeholders and community members on continued improvements to this live data tool."
~ Chief Administrative Officer, Ron Tripp

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