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Statement by Regional Chair Bradley on the public’s support for Ukraine

Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley issued the following statement regarding the public’s ongoing support for Ukraine:
“This weekend, I joined with hundreds of Niagara residents in a rally of support for the Ukrainian people. It was heartening to see these types of rallies occurring around the country, and indeed around the world. I believe it is important to show our support for Ukrainian people both here in Niagara, and abroad.
But as the unprovoked invasion of the independent and sovereign Ukrainian nation continues to unfold, we must also consider the humanitarian crisis that will develop over the coming weeks and months.
To this end, if you have the means and interest in doing so, residents may considering donating to a number of humanitarian organizations, including the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross. In regard to Red Cross donations, the federal government has indicated that they will match contributions up to a maximum of $10 million.
Your donations will support immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery, resiliency, and other critical humanitarian activities as needs arise, both in Ukraine and surrounding countries, including supporting populations displaced.
Niagara residents who wish to donate to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal can do so online or by calling 1-800-418-1111. Alternatively, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation can be found online at

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