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Statement by Regional Chair Bradley on Russia’s invasion on Ukraine

Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley issued the following statement condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine:
“I join members of the Ukrainian-Canadian community in Niagara, and indeed the world, in providing a full and unequivocal condemnation of Russia’s invasion on the sovereign Ukraine nation. The unprovoked and brazen military attack of Ukraine, which brings with it needless death and destruction, is entirely unacceptable and will have a lasting impact on the innocent people of the independent and democratic Ukrainian nation.
I stand with Prime Minister of Canada, and countless other leaders, in calling on Russia to immediately end all hostile actions against Ukraine and withdraw all military forces from the country. It is deeply concerning that Russia would violate Ukraine’s territory and sovereignty, and these actions must end now.
Niagara stands with the people of the Ukraine, as well as the proud Ukrainian community here in Niagara, many of whom still have family residing there.”

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