Regional Chair Bradley’s statement in support of Dr. Hirji and Public Health

​I am both frustrated and saddened that yet again we are witnessing the harassment of Dr. Hirji by a small group of people. I want to be exceptionally clear: there is no room for the actions that occurred this evening, and I know I stand with the vast majority of Niagara residents when I say that demonstrations at an individual’s private residence are completely unacceptable and reprehensible.
This type of behaviour contributes nothing to our public discourse and serve only as an embarrassment.
I also know that I stand with hundreds of thousands of Niagara’s residents when I say that we support Dr. Hirji, and the entire team at Public Health. Since March 2020, our hard-working staff in Public Health have made incalculable sacrifices in both their personal and professional lives to keep us safe. We owe a massive debt of gratitude to Dr. Hiriji for his courageous leadership and guidance over the last 21 months.
Make no mistake, the work of our Medical Officer of Health has saved lives in Niagara.
While I believe in freedom of expression, I also believe that we have to hold individuals accountable when their actions are over the line. Actions that could be perceived as a threat to the health and safety of a member of our community will not be tolerated. I know that the Niagara Regional Police are well aware of this situation and will take appropriate action if necessary.
I have been in touch with Dr. Hirji this evening and I have expressed both my support and extreme disappointment in this entire situation. I know I speak for all of Regional Council when I say that we appreciate Dr. Hirji’s work, and we stand by to extend any support necessary.

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Daryl Barnhart
Niagara Region

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